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We hope you have enjoyed visiting our site which will evolve over the next twelve months to include ever more various websites and webpages.  Remember, if you wish us to include your own personal reminiscences of a particular town or village, then send us your material by e-mail, or, your website address.

Any businesses wishing to advertise in our directory can also reach us at the address below.  You will note that, if you are a national company, we can include you in the DEVON / CORNWALL classification or for smaller businesses or individual tradesmen, we can include you in your own particular village or town or the region in which you operate.

Website Compilers: Liz & John
Company: Informatics
Company address: 10, Woodpecker Way, Cheriton Bishop, EXETER, EX6 6JW
Company telephone no: 01647 24705


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