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Where on the Web can you find a comprehensive site which introduces you to the villages of Devon with potted history, attractions, accommodation, restaurants and businesses all mentioned?

How can schoolchildren, students, visitors, househunters or local people access preliminary information quickly and easily without trawling though loads of individual search engines wasting money and time?

In many cases these villages and their history are not even mentioned and although it might be romantic to dream about the hidden places which we discover whilst exploring on holiday, it is certainly very frustrating when living in the 21st century to be unable to say, access a plumber in your own locality or to plan your country holiday with prior knowledge of the villages and their attractions to visit in the vicinity.

As our site evolves we are attempting to include more and more webpages from different sources about each town and village.  In fact, we are extremely interested in hearing from people who have personal reminiscences or their own individual website about a particular place. Just send us your material via e-mail, including your website address, if you have one, for your inclusion in our pages.  We are hugely excited about our doorway to Devon and hope that eventually we will have put together a unique site which will be a truly informative read!

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